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About Us

We love being part of the thriving artisan food movement and farmers markets where you can find all sorts of fresh foods.


When you purchase our artisanal TidBits you'll appreciate the care, attention and dedication we invest in making the special treats for your canine friend. 

TidBits for Dogs is much more than handcrafting healthy dog treats. We Live in a community, serve our community and build community!

We are continuously working to establish sustainable networks with local farmers dedicated to sustainable and cruelty free practices.

We're more than just any ordinary bakery, facility, or dog treat producer. We are a family committed to protecting our environment while keeping our community healthy. TidBits For Dogs is the place where we strive to practice what we say.

For a tiny business like ours, transitioning to zero waste is a big challenge but not impossible. We are working to take TidBits to a near-zero-waste bakery, so we are working on reducing packaging at the markets we attend. We encourage our buyers to use the reusable 100% cotton TidBits Bags we provide or to bring their own containers. 

We also encourage pre-orders by offering a discount to minimize food waste, and we donate unsold treats to dogs belonging to parents with low resources.


We are also committed to reducing our dog’s carbon pawprint. During our volunteer work with street dogs and multiple visits to Oaxaca, Mexico, we learnt about Crickets, or ‘chapulines’ as they are called in Mexico. Crickets are highly nutritious. They contain all nine essential amino acids, have twice as much protein as beef, and are a rich source of iron and calcium. In addition, crickets require much less food, water, and space than raising livestock, and they are now produced here in Ontario. So why not bake treats with crickets?


Our TidBits family is proud of what we do and how we do it. We continue researching, testing, baking and bringing natural artisan TidBits to the discerning canines of Toronto. We hope to meet you; we appreciate your ideas and support.

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Keeping your TidBits fresh

As most of our TidBits for Dogs contain delicious meat and/or meat juices, they must be refrigerated. For the best freshness and tastiness, please refrigerate in an airtight container.  If you purchase a large quantity, we recommend placing them in an airtight container and freezing.

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